Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


  1. Van Ede & Partners voluntarily submits to the rules laid down in this Code of Conduct and these General Terms and Conditions. The same applies to the Privacy Policy and Complaints Regulations.
  2. The behaviour of individual workers (in an employment or contracting relationship) of Van Ede & Partners, is regarded as the conduct of Van Ede & Partners.
  3. Van Ede & Partners shall comply with the legislation and regulations applicable in the Netherlands in respect of employees, customers, clients and other companies in the industry. Van Ede & Partners shall exercise the utmost care in the performance of its work activities.
  4. Van Ede & Partners shall refrain from anything which could harm the reputation, interests and reliability of Van Ede & Partners, other firms in the industry, clients, customers and third parties.
  5. Van Ede & Partners shall focus on outplacement, career guidance, coaching and organisational development and shall therefore not engage in executive search, recruitment and selection and the like.
  6. Van Ede & Partners shall refrain from providing management advice to the extent that such advice is directly or indirectly aimed at obtaining career guidance assignments and outplacement assignments.
  7. It is not lawful for Van Ede & Partners to accept remuneration for outplacement in any form whatsoever from a party other than its client. There are or shall not be any direct or indirect in any way financial connections or financial contributions to individuals, organisations, companies or affiliated (legal) entities which directly or indirectly influence the granting of an assignment.

Professional skills

  1. Van Ede & Partners ensures the professional skills of the organisation and its employees and consultants. Everyone who works for Van Ede & Partners possesses the specific professional knowledge required to carry out the work in accordance with and pursuant to this code and the quality requirements.
  2. Van Ede & Partners provides its employees and consultants with clear insight into the requirements imposed on them.
  3. Van Ede & Partners, the consultants and employees jointly set goals aimed at maintaining and enhancing the consultants’ and employees' professional skills.
  4. Consultants and employees share the responsibility for achieving the goals as referred to under point 3.


Agency relationship - Customer

  1. Van Ede & Partners shall only accept the assignment after the work to be performed by the agency and the fees to be charged for this work have been agreed with the Customer.
  2. The fees and the underlying pricing structure shall be communicated to the Customer in a clear and transparent way.
  3. Van Ede & Partners uses general terms and conditions that are handed over to the Customer prior to granting of the assignment. Van Ede & Partners shall carry out the assignment granted to it for career guidance and outplacement meticulously and in accordance with the legal relationship applicable to it.
  4. Van Ede & Partners shall, in its relationship with the Customer, avoid interests other than those that will be involved in the performance of the assignment. This is in order to secure an independent position with respect to the Client as well as the Customer. Any apparent conflict of interest is avoided.
  5. Only after receiving permission from the Client may Van Ede & Partners inform the Customer of the work performed and to be performed by the agency. This will depend on the agreements made in this regard, allowing the Customer to gain an understanding of the formal progress of the career guidance and outplacement process for the benefit of the Client. The privacy rules shall always apply to the content.


Agency relationship - Client

  1. Van Ede & Partners shall at first contact with the agency inform the Client that the Client shall at all times be free to accept or refuse the career guidance or outplacement assistance and to terminate the career guidance or outplacement assistance at any time without refund of any monies paid to the Customer or to the Client.
  2. The Client 's interests, and not only those of Van Ede & Partners, determine the way in which Van Ede & Partners' work activities are performed. Van Ede & Partners shall carry out the work to be performed by it for the benefit of the Client in a professional manner in consultation with the Client, while monitoring confidentiality and respecting privacy.
  3. If and to the extent relevant, Van Ede & Partners shall refer the Client to other disciplines when this is desirable in the interests of the Client.



  1. Van Ede & Partners acts with integrity towards both the Client and the Customer.
  2. Van Ede & Partners treats data of both the Client and the Customer with confidentiality. This applies to the relationship between the Client and the Customer as well as in respect of third parties.


Secrecy and duty of confidentiality

  1. Van Ede & Partners shall keep secret any information obtained from the Client and/or Customer and only use such information to the extent specifically required for proper execution of its assigned task and to the extent that its use is not expressly denied. Van Ede & Partners has a Privacy Policy that can be viewed online on the website.
  2. Even in cases in which Van Ede & Partners is not bound to secrecy, Van Ede & Partners shall treat as confidential any information brought to its attention by the Client and/or Customer.


Mutual agency relationship within OI Global Partners

  1. The agencies affiliated with OI Global Partners strive for a mutual relationship founded on goodwill and trust, on free enterprise and fair competition.
  2. If Van Ede & Partners receives an assignment for career guidance or outplacement from a Customer which is being attended to at another agency, then Van Ede & Partners shall only provide its services after consultation and with permission from said agency.

Compliance and Complaints

  1. Van Ede & Partners has Complaints Regulations that can be viewed online on the website.

Where do you stand?

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