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We strongly believe that everyone wants to live a meaningful life, both on a personal- and professional level. At Van Ede & Partners we call this a Career that Matters. Are you satisfied with the work your committed to? Are you aware of your talents?  Do you know what your talents are worth in the labor market? Van Ede & Partners can help answer these important questions.

We developed a simple test to help you understand where you are in your career. This test consists of 25 questions and completing it will take no more than four minutes. You will receive the test results immediately after completing all the questions. We use a percentage to express to what extent Van Ede & Partners fits your needs. Are we a good match according to the test? We will then immediately suggest a few interesting topics for an exploratory meeting.

You can contact us for career-related questions regarding outplacement, career counseling and transition allowance.   

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1 My highest education level is:

2 I am open to a change of job (environment):

3 The most important thing to me is finding a job fast:

4 I don't have a clear idea of who I really am or what I stand for:

5 I want to increase my self confidence:

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