It was ok to be less modest Alfred wanted to make the right decision
Consultant Tim Arends

Alfred is an A-Player who was insufficiently aware of his own value. This translated in the way he presented and carried himself. He was too modest.

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Consultant Dominique Campman

The image that Perry evoked was that he had everything in order. But there was so much unrest bubbling below surface! He was all over the place, came up with all kinds of ideas but lacked focus. And he saw all kinds of obstacles on the road prohibiting him from following his dreams.

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I am now the entrepreneur I always wanted to be Emmy took the initiative to make her next move by slowing down first.
Consultant Victorine Koningsberger

Working with Emmy was a breeze. Emmy is an intelligent woman with a positive personality who keeps an open mind. Right from the start she utilized her desire to start reflecting on herself. She was willing to face her restlessness and accept this for what it was. This created the opportunity to explore her personal interests such as entrepreneurship and sustainability. Emmy showed herself to be very pro-active regarding this.

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