Outplacementbureau Does your employer want to give you the opportunity to find another challenge that also suits you in the longer term? Do you want to take a step toward finding another type of position, perhaps within a different sector? Or have you been made redundant and want to use your transition allowance for an outplacement program? As a company with outplacement as one of its specialties, we can guide you through our unique outplacement programs to a new, energetic start at the right level for you, and in a work environment where you can utilize your managerial experience, skills and/or professional expertise to their fullest potential. Our counseling has a clear structure: it offers attention to the transition you are facing, helps formulate a convincing personal value proposition to the labor market and lets you re-enter the labor market in an effective way. Within this structure we always offer tailor-made solutions in which we can respond to your unique situation and needs.

Outplacement Counseling for a fixed time

Would you like to look for a new job within a specific timeframe? Is your employer willing to offer an outplacement program for a pre-defined period? Then you should choose a counseling program for a fixed time. With this type of outplacement, you get to choose upfront how long the program will take, the minimum duration is six months. When receiving counseling for a fixed time all relevant elements of counseling are covered. Throughout a concise program, you will receive all the coaching necessary to gain a job which is the perfect fit for you.

Outplacementbureau Paul.

Ik moest zelf een bewuste keuze maken voor een baan waarin ik weer tot m'n recht zou komen.

Guaranteed new job

Would you like to be guaranteed to find a new, suitable job? And, as an employer, would you like to ensure this happens for your employee? If this is the case, an outplacement program which guarantees a new job would be the perfect choice. With this type of outplacement, we coach each person as long as it takes to gain a new role.    

Outplacement programs which guarantee a new job contain all the relevant elements of career counseling, for example: completing a self-analysis, developing a value proposition for your skills, network development and  then finding the perfect job for you. This is the advantage of our outplacement agency.

Outplacementbureau Petra.

Ze miste echter steeds meer een stuk zingeving. Ons outplacementtraject hielp haar een nieuwe bestemming te vinden, waarmee alles weer op zijn plek valt.

We can help you to become an entrepreneur

Our clients often discover that their goal is not to be an employee, but rather to start their own company. If this turns out to be the case, Van Ede & Partners can help you  become an entrepreneur. We guide you in identifying your own, unique strengths and how you can apply these strengths to starting your own company. If you wish, we can also support you in writing your business plan, or determineyour value proposition. How will you take care of marketing and sales? What is the best way to promote your company? A part of guiding you to entrepreneurship is a 3-day training course which teaches you to  promote your value proposition as clearly as possible. Through case studies from our outplacement agency, you will then learn how to present this value proposition to the market.

We offer outplacement at our offices in Amsterdam, Zwolle, Groningen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Arnhem, Breda, Zeist, Enschede or Maastricht. From  our branches we also cover the regions of Utrecht, Nijmegen, Almere and Tilburg.

Outplacementbureau Hilde.

Ik gaf vorm aan mijn aanbod, startte als zelfstandig ondernemer en ging enkele maanden later ook als HR-manager aan de slag.

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