Van Ede & Partners’ programs focus on outplacement (getting from job to job), career counseling and coaching. We guide our clients to a (new) work destination which not only matches their knowledge and experience, but also their strengths, what motivates them and their desires. In this way we support each of our clients in working towards a Career that Matters. We want to really inspire and guide you in shaping your career. We first go on an exploratory journey with you, which begins with you writing a self-analysis. What are your strengths, what are your unique talents? What drives you, what do you find really valuable, both in your career and personal life? Together, we will look for answers to these fundamental questions. Using this as our starting point, we will then examine to what extent your skills and experience can connect to the current labor market. Networking plays a key role in this process, and this approach demonstrably leads to sustainable results.


Experience has shown that it is important for people to handle the loss of their previous job properly. We ensure the right amount of attention is given to this important part of the process. After which, the time is then right for a new beginning which starts with a journey of introspection. What are your motivators and ambitions? What gives meaning to your career and life? This self-analysis is the prelude to what will be your unique, personal proposition and your strategy for finding a new, fitting work placement.   

In our outplacement programs our coaches and psychologists offer you several ways to regain control over your career. One-on-ones, but also training sessions and workshops. In all cases, we guide you from your old job into a new one. Together with you, this is the result we aim for. But an outplacement program at Van Ede & Partners has more to offer than just this, such as valuable new insights in what truly drives you and gives you “meaning”, as well as relevant, new contacts. All of this gives you a strong foundation from which you can benefit in your career and life ahead.

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Career Counseling

Does your employer wonder from time to time if you are still in the right  role ? Do you sometimes feel that your professional talents and qualities are not fully utilized? Are you after years of hard work in a management position ready for a moment of reflection? Do you increasingly start to wonder: what I am doing, I am doing well, but am I still doing the things I should be doing? Our career counseling program offers the solution!

Career counseling at Van Ede & Partners puts you back in charge of your career. Our personalized programs ensure that you are able to rediscover what truly motivates you and in which type of work environment you would thrive. Throughout career counseling you will be working with a permanent coach. However, there is always the opportunity to speak with other coaches and specialists as well. Thanks to this you will get a fresh look at your talents, qualities and ambitions and your employability. Experience shows that the freedom and energy this gives you, generates results. You will pick up your existing work with renewed energy and ambition. Or you deliberately choose for new career paths elsewhere - from a position of clear self-perception and a realistic view of your options.

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You have got a challenging job at an organization which is going places. The demands placed on you are not only high, but they also change all the time. A lot is expected from you: offering inspirational leadership, getting your colleagues on board, communicating clearly, and strategic ingenuity. Through our coaching programs we offer you targeted support in your professional and personal development. During a defined period, you work together with us answering your coaching questions.

Our coaches support you in further developing the skills and competencies which are important for your job. Equally important: they help you to fully utilize your motivators and talents. Self-analysis has always been the basis for functioning and performing successfully. Our coaches are able to empathize with your situation and have extensive experience with effective interventions. Experience shows that coaching not only leads to better performance, but also to more satisfaction in one’s work and a better work-life balance.

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eigen onderneming


Every year Van Ede & Partners guides approximately 200 clients to entrepreneurship (approximately 17% of the total number of clients). Usually the decision to become an entrepreneur has been made after the first stages of a career guidance or outplacement program. You will then be further guided by a Van Ede & Partners coach who has extensive entrepreneurial knowledge and experience.

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Transition allowance

The intent of the transition allowance is that the employee is financially supported in “transitioning” into a new job. Therefore, costs of outplacement, career counseling and coaching (but also education) can be deducted from the transition allowance.

This means such costs end up being tax free. 

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Careers that matter

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