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Righteousness and altruism are inextricably linked with the values of Van Ede & Partners. Our social involvement displays itself in a number of different ways.

Through the Van Ede Foundation we have established many projects related to culture, music, the labor market and education. Internationally we focus on the fight against child labor and the poor conditions in which many children find themselves. This support is not only financial in nature, but it also draws from the personal involvement of our coaches and clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Van Ede & Partners views Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral component of modern entrepreneurship, the core of which is the organization through its entire value chain that adds economical, ecological and social value.

Our CSR-partnerships are an extension of Van Ede & Partners’ mission. It is the nature of our work. We want to promote societal justice by connecting the talents, ambitions and desires of our clients and coaches with valuable, meaningful societal issues. In our mind talent knows no borders. In part, we select our coaches based on their participation in societal issues.

Together with a few organizations which dedicate themselves to the integration and talent development of refugees in the Netherlands we join forces through our CSR-partnerships. In this partnership we utilize the talents of higher educated refugees and help them find their place in Dutch society by guiding them to a job at their educational level. Aside from this, we also bring attention to the importance of emergency relief through the network of Van Ede & Partners.

Both Van Ede & Partners and its CSR-partners believe that refugees are incredibly motivated, talented, and have an enormous perseverance. We want to bring attention to the added value refugees bring to Dutch society and the Dutch labor market.

For questions related to Van Ede & Partners’ CSR-Partnerships you can get in touch with Kaveh Pour via 06 46 76 78 90.

Van Ede & Partners helps higher educated refugees to find a job


VluchtelingenWerk Nederland
In 2016 Van Ede & Partners and VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN)  launched a CSR partnership to help higher educated refugees find a job.

Van Ede & Partners helps refugees to utilize their talents and capacities more effectively. VWN connects employer demand with the supply of refugee talent by collaborating with organizations such as Accenture and Manpower.                                            

  • Per year we connect 60 Van Ede & Partners clients as a mentor to 60 refugees to help them find an internship or voluntary work.
  • Per year, 10 refugees get a free of charge outplacement program (outplacement/career counseling) from Van Ede & Partners to help develop their talents
  • VWN and Van Ede & Partners together are developing a method to link employer demand with the supply of refugee talent

Would you like to contribute to this? You can! For a number of refugees, we are looking for a “match” with someone active in their industry/desired career to set up several (voluntary) networking talks in order to further their job hunt. Please click here to see the list.



For 10 years Van Ede & Partners has been guiding, in collaboration with UAF, 10 higher educated refugees per year to a new job.




Stichting Vluchteling
Van Ede & Partners has also struck a CSR partnership with Stichting Vluchteling in order to guide higher educated refugees. 

Van Ede & Partners is supporting Stichting Vluchteling in the following ways:

  • Organizing educational seminars to enhance the knowledge of the refugee problem among the Van Ede & Partners’ network
  • Gaining participants for the “Nacht van de vluchteling” (NACHTVANDEVLUCHTELING.NL)
  • Organizing a fundraising activity
  • Coaching Stichting Vluchteling employees to increase their recruitment skills

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