It all started with the dream of two people: HR Director Paul van Ede and International Manager Hans Leewens. thinking how valuable it could be if the Netherlands would see types of outplacement, in contrast with conventional headhunting, that could make not two but three parties happy: the current employer, the future employer and the employee?

This led in 1978 to the founding of outplacement agency Van Ede & Partners. 40 years later, outplacement is still an important activity. At the same time, over the years career counseling, coaching and transition allowance have received an increasing amount of attention. A logical consequence of the mission Van Ede & Partners had right from the start: guiding and inspiring people in their journey toward a destination which fits their talents, motivators and desires.

Van Ede & Partners in numbers

At this point, Van Ede & Partners has grown into an organization with 11 offices, 65 coaches and 14 psychologists – located all over the Netherlands. So far, we have guided a wide array of clients. People from any industry imaginable. Managers, professionals, politicians, directors, professional athletes. The one common thread among all of these clients is their ability to reflect on themselves and the desire to grow in their consciousness, freedom and sense of personal responsibility. What also characterizes our clients is the desire to connect knowledge, skill sets and networks with each other.

Always improving, always aiming for tangible results

Our program offering is continuously developing. Our vision dictates we should always strive to find new ways to inspire professionals. Our starting point is always our clients’ unique strengths. Self-knowledge and self-analysis are and remain the required foundation for a Career that Matters. Formulating and testing a personal value proposition is a proven way toward tangible results and sustainable solutions.

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