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Everybody – whether they are young or old – wants to live a meaningful life. You want to focus on things that really matter. You want to add value to the organization you work for, but also to society and your family and friends. You want a career that matters. A career that matches your extensive talents and your knowledge and experience. A career that brings joy and satisfaction. 

Careers that Matter

Am I doing what I should be doing?
In a career, anything can happen. Many things will be out of your control. The terms of political- and administrative roles are often uncertain. The ideal manager might hit a ceiling once their company reaches its next level. The professional sometimes will be unable to answer to their ambitions within the confines of their organization. These are important crossroads in one’s career. These are the moments when key questions arise. What am I doing, am I doing well? In addition, am I still doing what I should be doing?

Personal growth and development
Outplacement agency Van Ede & Partners counsels people who are looking to get back in charge of their life and career (again). Whether it concerns outplacement, career counseling, coaching or a transition allowance: we always focus on the person as a whole, on personal development and growth. Anyone who knows themselves and knows what is really important, can take control of their life and career like no other. The greater the self-awareness, the greater the chance that you will utilize your talents for a career that offers lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. This is how Careers that Matter works!    

Personal development always starts with an inward journey. It starts with the will and the ability to reflect on yourself. What drives you, what gives you energy? What gives meaning to your life and your work? What is your north star? These are fundamental, and at times even existential questions, but they are necessary. In the end, they always lead to consciously using your skills and capabilities, until you have found a (new) job that really fits.

Real satisfaction, lasting results
A meaningful career does not only take place on a business level. Real satisfaction only arises when a client does things that are important to him or her in all areas of life and when all areas are in balance. If that is the case, the energy and – ultimately – the new job simply follow suit, is what we have observed. Van Ede & Partners counsels clients in this process of personal growth and professional development. Our approach benefits both the client and their employer. The client gets a new perspective and renewed energy. The employer knows they did the right thing and gets their money’s worth in the form of a lasting result.  

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