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Van Ede & Partners is an organization that is at the center of our society. Our coaches often run their own business or hold a senior position in the private- or public sector. Due to this they have an open mind and a broad point of view. Furthermore, without exception they have access to an interesting and relevant network in a wide array of industries.

The strength of our coaches and psychologists lies in a combination of knowledge, experience, and genuine interest in people. They are, just like you, people with specific talents who can always fall back on their professional skills and knowledge of people, as well as their life- and career experience. They are people who know what is going on, who understand the dealings of organizations, all the way from the workplace to the boardroom. This knowledge and experience they carry with them in counseling you as a client.   

The ideal coach and sparring partner

Our coaches and psychologist are active in many industries, taking on a wide array of different roles and responsibilities. At Van Ede & Partners it is easy to get in touch with an entrepreneur, director, manager, professional, alderman, professional athlete, artist or philosopher. All of our coaches are talented individuals who are go-getters and picked up valuable lessons along the way, often through overcoming obstacles. They understand the industries you as a client are active in. They know interesting people who can help you to assess whether your value proposition fits a certain industry or organization. This ensures that to you as a client they make for an ideal coach and sparring partner.

The ideal coach and sparring partner

Van Ede & Partners’ coaches and psychologists continue to development themselves and can help you with career related questions regarding outplacement, career counseling and transition allowance. We offer internal training sessions, organize days for reflection and learn from each other during meetings. Our clients offer us continuous inspiration. Our social involvement is extensive and reached beyond individual clients. Our coaches, for instance, frequently contribute to charitable causes.

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