A.F. (Tim) Arends

A.F. (Tim) Arends

In addition to my activities as a coach, I also work as an independent interim manager. My focus has always been on guiding and initiating change processes. To have an awareness of and where necessary, to instigate a change in attitude and behavior are key factors in being successful.

I optimize business processes through initiating change and counseling professionals. For me, it is primarily about the people. I help them to discover their talents and how to utilize these talents more effectively. My goals are to be faster, more efficient and cheaper. In my working methods, I also examine an organization’s transparency. I always work towards a clear organizational structure.

My work as a coach has a lot of overlap with being an interim manager. As a coach, I also challenge people to grow and encourage them to examine their attitude and behavior (also within their environment). I help them to effectively analyze a given situation, observe with clarity and to correctly “read” into things. Additionally, I teach them how to influence their environment, how they can take control over a certain outcome. The outcome of this approach is an increased effectiveness which leads to having more fun and less stress. My approach is characterized by my sense of humor, enthusiasm, empathy and respectful behavior. I guide people from a position of practical applicability and do so with a no-nonsense approach.

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