Emmy Lammens - Zeist

After a 10-year management career at Rabobank, Emmy took the initiative to make her next move by slowing down first. During her Van Ede & Partners program she established who she was , what she has to offer and how she could utilize this in the real world.

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Challenge Realized that current role in the near future would change drastically and wanted to stay in charge of her future.
Previous position Statutory Director Business Management Rabobank Apeldoorn
New position Chairman of the Board at Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs in the Utrecht / Ijsselstijn area
Coach Victorine Koningsberger

Things were fine at Rabobank. Nevertheless, after ten years of being a manager I noticed I was ready for my next move. This just so happened to coincide with Rabobank being on the verge of a major organizational restructuring. So, from both a personal- and business perspective it was really time to move on.

Right from the start it was clear to me I needed guidance throughout that process. My husband suggested to have a chat with Van Ede & Partners and my first meeting actually went very well. I felt positive throughout the meeting and it seemed that the future looked bright. This turned out to be correct, but it is important to note that my Van Ede & Partners program played an important supportive role throughout the whole process. Rabobank’s reorganization resulted in me having to lay off many people, which was tough. Thanks to my program at Van Ede & Partners, I was able to serve as a role model to my team. And thanks to my personal experience, I could help them deal with a future marked by uncertainty. For instance, I could help them break free from their current job and dare to dream again.

i can now communicate what I have to offer

What I needed first and foremost is to thoroughly discover who I really am, what it is I have to offer and what I really want. It has been immensely helpful to make these things concrete and tangible, which let me communicate them a lot more clearly. The program to me felt like a safety net. I was not alone. And because it was me who had taken the initiative to focus on my future, I was not caught by surprise by any changes happening at work.

Throughout this process my dream started to take shape. Entrepreneurship and sustainability became my guiding principles. I considered venturing out on my own – I even applied at the Chamber of Commerce. And then I came across Alfa Accountants. They reached out to me through my LinkedIn profile. Apparently, I had been in their crosshairs for quite some time, but they only “pulled the trigger” after I indicated on my LinkedIn profile I was open to new opportunities.     

my program was a safe haven in times of uncertainty

I look back at my Van Ede & Partners program as a safe haven in times of uncertainty. The conversations helped me to figure out who I really am and helped me to convey this to the world. Aside from this, talking with fellow participants proved extremely valuable as well. Van Ede & Partners manages to create an atmosphere of trust and safety, allowing you to discuss the things that matter most.

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Victorine Koningsberger

Working with Emmy was a breeze. Emmy is an intelligent woman with a positive personality who keeps an open mind. Right from the start she utilized her desire to start reflecting on herself. She was willing to face her restlessness and accept this for what it was. This created the opportunity to explore her personal interests such as entrepreneurship and sustainability. Emmy showed herself to be very pro-active regarding this.
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