drs. V.M. (Victorine) Koningsberger

drs. V.M. (Victorine) Koningsberger

After a long and versatile career in the cultural sector I reconnected with an old love: supporting and guiding people. Both interests stem from my most important motivator: realizing beauty. Beauty which matters!

I guide people in rediscovering their core values and talents and give shape to these and utilize them in an authentic manner. My style is characterized by a genuine interest, a sharp analytical perspective and the encouragement of creative thinking. My motto is: “the fastest route to the future is through the past.” I love to reflect on the past with my clients, to break away from old patterns and therefore create space for development and new perspectives. I encourage people to take control and actively shape their own future.

My cultural background means I have a well-developed eye for both verbal and non-verbal aspects of how people present themselves to the world. I consider myself a conversationalist. A conversationalist with an interest in people, who questions, who zooms in and zooms out, who challenges and supports. All of this in an atmosphere which alternates between seriousness and lightness. It gives me an immense satisfaction to see a twinkle in my clients’ eyes, when new meaningful insights lead to a greater self-confidence and a future-oriented energy.

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