Den Haag

In Den Haag we excel at career counseling, coaching and outplacement.

Nine experienced coaches and trainers. All from different backgrounds and have a broad network. All have hands-on experience.  and have experienced   highs and lows in their careers. We understand what our clients are talking about.

At Van Ede & Partners Den Haag you will receive a warm welcome and we will make sure you feel right at home. We offer a safe and inspirational environment which you need to develop (again) some career perspective.

We encourage you to present your value proposition to the labor market with pride. A proposition which you believe in. And which truly sets you apart.

Through a mixture of conversations and group sessions we help you gain an insight to your motivators and talents to move forward within your organization or outside of it. That is what sets us apart: with us you do not stand alone.

We would like to invite you for an exploratory meeting at our office in Klein Zwitserland.

See you soon.

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Klatteweg 107

2597 KA Den Haag

T.  070 351 40 11

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