drs. R.A. (Rogier) Huffnagel

drs. R.A. (Rogier) Huffnagel

Inspiring people to excel using their talents, aided by self-insight, and free from limiting beliefs. We have the unique capability to know ourselves. Who we are and how we perceive ourselves and the world is determined by our thinking and the way we attribute meaning. This also applies to whether we live our lives successfully, free and lovingly. We, ourselves, hold the key to happiness – both personally and professionally. It’s all in the mind.

My cradle was in Athens and I spent my youth in South-America, Africa and ultimately in the Netherlands. I studied Western- and Indian philosophy, which I later on supplemented with executive courses. I started out in marketing consultancy and later on made the switch to the corporate environment of a large financial service provider. I was working on the group’s strategy, launched a new insurance firm in China and went back to the Netherlands to become the director of a number of financial organizations. In my life I learned to give shape to numerous changes and discovered the power of mental flexibility.

Since 2003 I have been an executive coach working with professionals and executives, with the motto “the complete person in their profession.” I combined this for five years with being Chairman of the board at Van Ede & Partners. My coaching and many master classes are all about gaining self-awareness and increasing mental flexibility. I am fascinated by people’s capacity to continue developing themselves. My personal experience tells me that there are virtually no limits to this. Contributing to this is what inspires me!

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Where do you stand?

Do you want to get a quick impression of where you stand in your career and what are your wishes, ambitions and motivations with regard to work and a work environment? Van Ede & Partners has developed a simple test for you. The test contains 12 questions and takes a maximum of 4 minutes to fill out. You will receive the results immediately after doing the test. A percentage will indicate to what extend your needs match the way of working of Van Ede & Partners. 

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