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Udo had been unhappy in his job for an extended period of time. Through several mergers and acquisitions his role changed dramatically. Udo started to suffer from burnout symptoms and decided to look for help. After five months of intense counseling at Van Ede & Partners, he landed a job where he can really mean something to others.
  • Name

    Udo Wiersma

  • Challenge

    Unhappy in his role. Through several reorganizations, his job changed to such an extent it barely resembled what he was initially hired to do.

  • Previous position

    Strategic Account Manager, Compu Group Medical

  • New position

    Regional Coordinator, KWF Kankerbestrijding

  • Program length

    5 months

  • Coach

    Frederike van Lowijde

Because of various mergers and acquisitions my job changed drastically. I was no longer  allowed to extensively manage relations with my current customers but was pushed to chase new leads. Some existing customers ended up leaving. I stopped feeling heard and appreciated, I slept poorly and became exhausted. My energy was drained: it was time to make a move.     

My doctor noticed I was close to a burnout, so I had to take some time off. After a few months I went back to work, and this time I only needed to focus on one specific customer segment. Things went well for a while, but it did not last. In the end, the same problem reappeared.

which job could bring me satisfaction and how could i figure this out?

I was distraught, until a friend of mine introduced me to Van Ede & Parters. Again, I got the advice to take some time off. Also, I immediately got started with career counceling. I felt a strong need for guidance and a structured environment and Van Ede & Partners offered both. I had landed my current role unintentionally – it was not part of a conscious decision. I was looking for job satisfaction. But which job could offer me this and how could I figure this out?

Several sessions with a psychologist helped me gain an understanding about my personality and my competencies. I possess a fair amount of self-awareness, but never really considered what truly makes me happy or what it is that drives me. I realized that I place most value on making my customers’ lives easier. To really be there for them. Armed with that knowledge I started looking for a new role, which I quickly found at KWF Kankerbestrijding.

i found happiness in my job

At KWF Kankerbestrijding I took on the role of Regional Coordinator. Initially, I had to get used to the organization’s culture and was even a bit suspicious of all of  thepassionate and enthusiastic colleagues. I had become so used to a macho- and target driven culture! I realized there are other ways. Finally, I had found a real humanitarian line of work. I now support all regional boards with their fundraising and can say that I am truly happy with my role.        

Frederike about Udo

Although Udo had a fair amount of self-knowledge, he never really considered what truly made him happy or what it was that drove him. His values turned out to not match those of his organization, nor match his role within that organization.
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Udo and I pinpointed his values and motivators. By subsequently helping him with his preparation for his job interview and case study, Udo managed to make it through KFW’s recruitment process.
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