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I regained the balance between my mind and my emotions.

Jeannette was Head of Supporting Services at Intermetzo, a youth care institution. She felt it was time for something else. Thanks to Van Ede & Partners she found the perfect role: Board Secretary at RIBW Nijmegen & Rivierenland, an organization which offers guidance in assisted living and day care for people with a serious psychiatric disorders.
  • Name

    Jeannette Bertels

  • Challenge

    Jeanette Bertels Which role would be the best fit for my skills and motives? And how do I strike a balance between working hard and consciously pausing from time to time?

  • Previous position

    Head of Supporting Services Intermetzo

  • New position

    Board Secretary at RIBW Nijmegen & Rivierenland

  • Program length

    6 months

  • Coach

    Josien Vermeer


It was time for something new and I wanted to re-orientate myself. I needed to assess myself and figure out where I could utilize my strengths in the best possible way.   

Moving forward by standing still

I investigated what drives me and how I prioritize my life in both the personal sphere and my career. I noticed that over the past years I barely allowed myself to consider the question: “how do I reach my full potential?” By deliberately standing still for a while, I noticed a different type of movement and feeling emerging which led to several insights. During more hectic times, I had these insights as well but failed to actually implement them. I still apply the notion of moving forward by standing still to my daily life with bike rides and hikes, which help to clear my head and allow me to come to terms with my feelings. I am good at reasoning. By pairing my reasoning skills with “feeling,” I have found a balance.


I learned a lot from my fellow participants during our workshops. I had fun with them and with several fellow participants I am still in touch. We were all in the same boat, which helped to keep things in perspective. I found the growth of those around me to be inspirational. It definitely motivated me and benefited my own journey.          

A  crystal clear direction

The one-one-one meetings I had with my coach about the various organizational hats I wore were inspiring and enlightening. Meetings set up through Van Ede & Partners’ network made it clear to me which direction I wanted to take. For instance, I had several talks to figure out whether a certain job would be the right fit for me. These talks clarified what I already deep down knew.


I ended up in a position of strength. I experienced the Van Ede & Partners program as a gift and went through the process with a lot of dedication. Seen from a career perspective, this process took me to my destination. 

And taking a personal perspective, this process has brought me closer to myself.

Josien about Jeannette

Jeannette has become more aware of her own abilities. She has a lot to offer and has an increased understanding of what she wants.
Josien Vermeer
Together we figured out which parts of her previous job were a good fit for her and which parts were not. I have expressed my trust in her as a person and her capabilities and she has discoverered which work activities suit her. In addition, I introduced her to my network and have encouraged her to apply for board level positions.
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