drs. R. (Rob) van den Aker

drs. R. (Rob) van den Aker

Sparring partner, pillar of support, sower, builder, connector, expedition leader, team player, organizer

My strength lies in fostering the growth of people: enhancing their personal leadership. I am a builder and a connector who inspires and challenges others. My drive is to help others take steps forward based on their personal mission.

“Constructively building, always connecting with others, and bringing enthusiasm and energy.” That's what characterizes me. I enjoy seeing others grow and flourish. The foundation for this lies in being honest with oneself and doing things that bring energy and joy to life. I investigate and challenge people to pinpoint their key question. My style is empathetic, to the point, and aimed at a valuable outcome. Respect and trust are in this process the most important core values to me.

Leading and guiding change form the common thread throughout my professional life. I have worked as an executive manager in leadership positions, both in smaller and larger service-providing organizations. I have a background in marketing, strategy, and change management. In recent years, in the role of a sparring partner and coach, I shape the development of individuals, (executive) teams, and organizations.

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