Rob Spuijbroek

Rob Spuijbroek

Intuitive/empathetic, taking ownership, decisiveness, daring, motivating, curious, connector and independent thinker

Based on my life experience and empathetic capabilities, I encourage people to discover new possibilities. I have extensive experience in a range of diverse managerial positions with ultimate responsibility. I’m experienced in making my own decisions in challenging and/or difficult work and private circumstances.

I have a positive mindset and mainly operate from my feelings. I look at situations independently and from different perspectives. I like to meet and connect with people to discover together where her or his unique destination lies. I am curious and like to look for new opportunities. I am extremely interested in social and geopolitical issues. I love reading. Drawing on my own experience, my focus is on people in managerial and supervisory positions. I’m knowledgeable about both the profit and non-profit sector. I’ve gained broad national and international experience from my work and studies. Rotterdam is my birthplace, as well as the city where I currently live! I’m an adventurous person and thus love discovering and learning to understand different people and cultures. I am an ardent supporter of (strategic) diversity. I am an active member and mentor of the platform WIFS (Women In the Financial Sector).

Where do you stand?

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