dr. M. (Michel) Decré

dr. M. (Michel) Decré

Curious, Empathetic, Connector, Visionary, In-depth, Innovative, Technologist, Author


I use my creativity and desire to improvise in the early phases of coaching to broaden the horizon. True to my Zen practice, I use healthy irreverence and attentive intuition to bring others and myself to new insights and a deepened understanding. Later on, I offer the sharpness and precision from my background as a researcher to help make decisions and connect the dots.

Guiding, coaching and developing colleagues, team members and employees has always been a focal point of my various professional roles. Personal growth is my core value, as a family member, friend, colleague, mentor, or manager.

Next to people, technology is my second great passion. As a physics engineer, I have worked in international, high-tech innovation, in large companies. I’ve also worked as an entrepreneur, as a researcher and management team member. I did so within the private sector while keeping strong academic ties.

My third dimension is the spiritual, where as a teacher in the Japanese tea ceremony I pass on the depth of Zen with the invigorating taste of green tea.

I tie all of this together to help our clients find their own ideal professional space, where their unique blend of passion, talent, and skills makes the difference.

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