drs. M.J.M. (Mark) van Bergen

drs. M.J.M. (Mark) van Bergen

Safe, good listener, reflective, energetic, holistic, athlete, solution-oriented, analytical, motivation, coach for professionals.

After studying Health Sciences and Business Economics, I worked for ING for eighteen years. First in international commercial positions, then in managerial positions in HR, Recruitment and MD. As a consultant and coach I primarily work with senior professionals and management teams in the business/financial sector and with medical specialists.

I like to work at the intersection of reason and intuition, I am curious about people’s motivations and talents, and I like to take a holistic perspective: perceiving people within their context. My clients appreciate me for lending them a listening ear, my to-the-point analyzes and a focus on tangible results. People feel that I help them by creating a safe environment in which they dare to be vulnerable. I also sometimes work with less conventional methods.

During our joint search we start at what drives you. I offer multiple perspectives, reflect back what I see and feel – even though that can sometimes take you outside of your comfort zone. We get to work, beef up your personal profile, analyze 'the market' and work on your 'pitch'. Finally, we bring everything together and get to work in the real world.


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