Drs. M.E.J.H. (Manon) Janssen

Drs. M.E.J.H. (Manon) Janssen

Listener, asking the right questions, people-, goal- and development oriented. Connector, pushing boundaries, entrepreneur.

My style is investigative, empathetic and vigorous, and provocative. Throughout my career I have been an intermediary for interim professionals and managers for over 20 years. I was employed as a resource manager by a large secondment company. Later I became a partner in a company. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2008, as a mediator for financials and independent coach for professionals, executives, independent entrepreneurs, and teams.

What drives me?

I’m first and foremost interested in people. In what drives them and especially in what happens when they stop progressing. I like to gain experiences, discover new things and travel. I aim to help people to take control over their career, make them conscious about their limiting beliefs, to adopt a frame of mind rooted in chances and opportunities, and to help them grow in their (personal) leadership.


During my coaching sessions I invite my clients to explore their thoughts, things that give them energy, talents, and roadblocks. And to reflect on this. After this, they can start experimenting and gaining new experiences. When relying strictly on the mind, people gravitate towards analyzing, rationalizing, and controlling. Through experiences it becomes easier to reach your feelings, your intuitions, you’ll become aware about how you are maintaining certain situations, you’ll discover new talents, and figure out a new direction.

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Where do you stand?

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