dr. J.R. (Jutta) König

dr. J.R. (Jutta) König

Inquisitive, involved, conceptual thinking, international coach, speaker, and writer. I am clear and involved, able to anticipate and quickly understand what is necessary to reach a certain destination. Good at restoring vitality, self-confidence and offering new perspectives during transformational processes.

I am experienced in dealing with expats, global nomads and refugees, as I grew up and worked in various countries.

I am interested in innovation and development. Within several universities and colleges of higher education, I have developed courses (doctor-patient communication: Maastricht University; post HBO managers in Healthcare: Hogeschool Sittard; Organization and Information Science: Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden).

In 2012 I received my PhD in development of multicultural identity at the University for Humanistics in Utrecht.

In addition, to my involvement at Van Ede & Partners I work as a healthcare psychologist, body-oriented psychotherapist and coach applying the ‘Self Knowledge Method’. I am also involved in the Dialogical Self Academy as a researcher, trainer, writer and speaker at international conferences.

Certified by CMI
NIP member
Healthcare psychologist

I love traveling, reading, yoga, singing, tennis, skiing, water sports, my children and grandchildren. 

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