drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer

drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer

An understanding of your talents, of what motivates you and of what you desire. Bringing this together in a convincing value proposition directed at either your current or your new work environment, this is what I help my clients with. I help formulate a proposition that has been shaped by both the mind and the heart, that convinces the people you meet “automatically.” As a leader or a professional, this is what gives you energy and self-confidence.

For over 25 years I have worked as a business consultant and took on senior roles within international Business and IT Consultancy organizations. For the past 10 years I have been guiding leaders and professionals in finding a new work environment (career coaching) or working more effectively in their current environment (executive coaching). Not what hinders us, but what enhances us deserves our attention. As such, you should always put a spotlight on your career capital: your talents, ambitions, motives and experience.

I have a background in Psychology and Business Studies. Furthermore, over the last few years I have taken numerous  coaching courses focusing on transactional analysis and existential psychology. In addition, I have extensively studied labor market issues relevant to people with a higher education. I deploy my extensive network for the benefit of my clients in all phases of the counseling process.

I often share my thoughts about (personal) leadership and career issues through blog posts on my LinkedIn profile and the Van Ede & Partners website

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Where do you stand?

Do you want to get a quick impression of where you stand in your career and what are your wishes, ambitions and motivations with regard to work and a work environment? Van Ede & Partners has developed a simple test for you. The test contains 12 questions and takes a maximum of 4 minutes to fill out. You will receive the results immediately after doing the test. A percentage will indicate to what extend your needs match the way of working of Van Ede & Partners. 

Test: Where do you stand?