mr. C.P.G. (Christiaan) Bramer EMCCC

mr. C.P.G. (Christiaan) Bramer EMCCC

Inspiration, the intersection between spiritualty, energy and reality, diversity, a healthy tolerance, playfulness. As a coach I am focused on people in relation to their environment and the interaction between the two. While doing so, I regularly seek out the interface between the rational and energy. For this I utilize my 20 years of corporate experience and my dynamic life experiences.

I coach, facilitate, brainstorm and organize. The person and their energy are front and center. With my experience gained throughout the course of my life, professional background and interests I am able to observe people in relation to their environment and help them to grow.

Through synthesis and synergy, we can drill down to the core, which includes identity, talents and motivation and also limiting beliefs and patterns. Thanks to my fascination with human and organizational “psychology,” I have developed the art to truly connect with people.

My distinctive strengths are my openness, my ability to listen carefully and to (in a respectful manner) ask poignant questions.  I use my energy and playfulness and varied approaches (ranging from cognitive to energy) to help my clients. I find it interesting to work with leaders and professionals and enjoy when a spark can lead to a breakthrough and people take on a challenge to make a move.

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