A. (Ank) Stegenga

A. (Ank) Stegenga

When looking at my résumé, you will see guiding people and organizations through change lies close to my core. I have gained expertise with years of professional experience in consulting, managerial and executive roles and board positions at non-profit organizations. In addition I am a visual artist and have focused the last years on material painting. My paintings are intuitive and often colorful. At a professional level I am fascinated by the real motivation of both people and organizations. I utilize this interest in my role as a Director of Special Education, a coach, mediator and career counseling professional.

I love to guide people in their process towards becoming aware. To work together with clients to figure out who they are, what motivates them and what this means for the next steps in their life and career. This program gets tailor-made by me with the client through conversations, but also with other means such as constellations, Voice Dialogue, writing, drawing and painting. One’s own strength and talents are guiding factors in this process, in which I draw from my extensive work experience, comprehensive network and sensitivity to effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice.

I have an intuitive, focused attitude, aimed at the client’s personal responsibility and self-direction, utilizing my passion, sensitivity, and skills. An important guiding principle for me is: “You can lose everything in life, except yourself, as ultimately the concept of ‘self’ will always arise.”

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