drs. A.J. (Anjo) Middel

drs. A.J. (Anjo) Middel

After graduating in Industrial and Organizational Psychology I started my career with the police. During this time, I saw and learned a great many things. I like dealing with a bit of tension and have noticed that whenever there is an urgency to act this keeps me on my toes. I also discovered over the course of my life that I thrive when alternating the thrilling, active side of myself with reflection, going in-depth and development. For over a decade I have engaged in meditation and mindfulness and have noticed this has enhanced my productivity when working. My ability to alternate between reflection and going in-depth has proved to add a lot of value to my role as Van Ede & Partners psychologist.

If it were up to me, I would always go in-depth. I am an enthusiastic and driven Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, HR-professional and executive coach. I have a strong affinity with organizational ethics and I focus on the connection between people, work and values.

When this trinity is in balance there will be strength, vitality and meaning. At this point, things start to matter – for both the person as well as their environment. This is exactly what distinguishes a job from the job. Utilizing this vision, I help people to (re-)connect their own strengths and qualities to meaningful activities and a sustainable progression of their career.

Going in-depth and reflecting are necessary for clients to make progress but it is not the goal in and of itself. To bring new insights to surface always makes the work of a career coach and psychologist at Van Ede & Partners so fascinating and valuable to me. If clients can really act on the insights they acquired and can therefore start a meaningful next chapter in their career, I find this enormously satisfying.

My method is characterized by a capability to alternate with, creativity and pointed analysis. I am always focused on finding synergies between people and results, tasks and processes. Congruence and vitality are key concepts in my advice and guidance. According to others, 'quiet focus' and 'relaxed alertness' are typical of me. Time and time again I return to my foundation: connect with the things that bring me happiness and are linked with my values.  

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