drs. A.J. (Albert Jan) Slomp

drs. A.J. (Albert Jan) Slomp

Energizer, talent developer, inspiring, enterprising, enthusing.

“Learning how to deal with uncertainty is necessary to survive. This uncertainty is what leads you to discover what you are good at.” This quote from the book The Quantum Leader by Danah Zohar strongly resonates with me. I’m convinced that we’ve got so much more potential than we are led to believe.

A varied career in the financial sector gave me the insight that my heart lies in talent development and guiding change processes in organizations. I am fascinated by the transformation you go through when you start working according to your passions and do what you are good at.

This sounds so simple, but how do you achieve it? I’ll guide you in discovering your unique talents and in trusting your own abilities, so that you can take control of your career again. Together we will explore how you can change in conjunction with a constantly changing working environment so that you remain authentic and keep being able to add value to your employer. I combine a no-nonsense mindset with spirituality in my work, with ample time for reflection and with an open mind. This way you will experience what brings you pleasure in your work.

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Do you want to get a quick impression of where you stand in your career and what are your wishes, ambitions and motivations with regard to work and a work environment? Van Ede & Partners has developed a simple test for you. The test contains 12 questions and takes a maximum of 4 minutes to fill out. You will receive the results immediately after doing the test. A percentage will indicate to what extend your needs match the way of working of Van Ede & Partners. 

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