eigen onderneming Every year Van Ede & Partners guides approximately 200 clients to entrepreneurship (approximately 17% of the total number of clients). Usually the decision to become an entrepreneur has been made after the first stages of a career guidance or outplacement program. You will then be further guided by a Van Ede & Partners coach who has extensive entrepreneurial knowledge and experience.


Topics we deal with: developing a value proposition, feasibility research, marketing sales and contract management but also the broader view of business operations to include organizational design and staffing

Of course, starting a business comes with many issues which require professional knowledge. For those issues we use our extensive network to get the right people. This could range from organizations that can help with mergers and acquisitions through to web development.

The individual counseling gets supplemented with a 3-day course for beginners. The course you will take together with other clients seeking entrepreneurship too.

Finally, we introduce you to our network of independent entrepreneurs and supervisory directors.

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