drs. J. (Marjorie) Pennings

A consummate professional, analytical and intuitive, committed and careful, equilibrium artist, insightful, nature lover. Growth, being the best, you can be and being conscious about taking the path that truly fits you. Getting to the core of what deeply moves you and being willing to pursue this. By listening and mirroring rationally, intuitively and with expertise, I offer clarity and focus. I create a calm and caring environment in which self-awareness, authenticity and inspiration get enhanced to open new paths.
Marjorie Pennings

My background is in HR-Management and Consultancy. With my experience in assessment and talent management I am unparalleled in matching talent with the right organization. I am a trained organizational psychologist and mindfulness trainer with more than 20 years of experience in meditation and growth of consciousness. This allows me to connect a business-mindset with spirituality when counseling my clients. I am in my element when we search together for inspiration in work while taking a "hands-on" approach in doing so.

Nature is an important source of inspiration for me, with its natural rhythm of renewal and balance. These elements I also apply to questions surrounding burn-out and stress management.

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