drs M. (Marion) L. Bruggen

“All of real life is a meeting” is a text by Martin Buber. These words serve as an important source of inspiration to me. In encountering other people, you discover your own strength. With that you can make a difference in this world and become part of a larger whole. As a coach and career advisor I find it important to create an open space in which clients can develop themselves personally and professionally and can adjust themselves according to the context they find themselves in.
Marion Bruggen

Since 2004 I have been associated with several Mennonite holiday- and conference centers as a theologian. I advise the boards on identity, meaning and change processes. Furthermore, I am responsible for programs dealing with meaning and I provide training courses on Credible Leadership, Dealing with Loss, Dealing with Conflict, Vitality and Inspiration. Meaning, values, inspiration and connection are recurring themes in my work. These themes also play an important role in my work as a coach and career counselor.

I work from a knowledge-base driven by methodology with creativity, intuition, imagination, empathy and compassion. That is where my vitality lies, I am involved in what I find valuable. I hope to unleash my clients’ inner-strength and vitality for them to showcase themselves to the labor market as authentically and effectively as possible.

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