drs M. (Marion) L. Bruggen

Coaching on meaning, Inspirator, Trainer, Supervisor, Theologian, Author of books on meaning and spirituality. Meaning, resilience and credible leadership are recurring themes in my work. At Van Ede & Partners the client and I search for their inner motives, values ​​and distinctive strengths. We figure out how to clear the path ahead in order for you to make the leap from work to destination.
Marion Bruggen

I have years of experience as a supervisor, trainer and coach.

As a career coach some of my key drivers are creativity, intuition, imagination and compassion, which are underpinned by methodically acquired knowledge. My own inspiration is fueled by texts by, among others, the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. He assumes that one can find something precious in every person. Finding that is what we are after, but it does not stop there. Just because you are starting with yourself, it does not mean you ought to stop there. Ultimately the question is: how can your talents contribute to the greater good? That is where you will find your destination. At Van Ede & Partners I gladly work with you on identifying this destination.

Besides Van Ede & Partners, I am working as a pastoral supervisor at the Mennonite Seminar. I train preachers and take care of the Permanent Education. In addition, I supervise teams and intervision groups in the healthcare sector.

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