mr. M.C.P. (Margreet) van Dongen

Shaping and imagining, essence and congruence, inspirational leadership, corporate experience. Analogous to the dynamics in sculpting; like a stone which contains a shape that wants to be revealed and shown, I work with you to reveal your potential. I strive to grow your freedom of movement and inner strength to create a shape for the future, in the present.
Margreet van Dongen

My own journey to the essence and meaning of people started in my banking career. By following courses in human development (e.g. NLP, systematic work at Phoenix, visual art, conflict management and ITIP) I became aware about my desire for congruence, harmony, the measure of things and to be of significance.

I am a moderator and mentor at Comenius Courses for leadership and co-founder of the Center for Systemic Leadership. In addition, my (25 years) experience with sculpting and painting is the guiding principle in my work.

My attitude is curious, I am analytical, open-minded and have a Rotterdam state-of-mind.

Besides being a coach and trainer, I am chairman of the Van Ede & Partners Foundation.

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