drs. J.C. (Julia) Blauwkuip

After graduating with a literature degree, a varied career followed, which offered me a wide range of development and extensive experience in business services and the industrial sector, as well as several leadership positions.
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I work as an independent coach, trainer and process supervisor. I like working with individuals and teams, both in the business world as well as at (semi-)government and in the non-profit sector. I love to facilitate personal growth and knowledge transfer. I have always been fascinated by life’s biggest questions and career themes. I help people and groups increase their self-management and I like to get people and business moving.

To summarize, I view myself as people-oriented and business-minded, analytical and intuitive. At Van Ede & Partners I focus on personal effectiveness, leadership, passion and collaboration. In addition, I am, connected with Avicenna, a leadership academy. 

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