drs. J.D. (Josien) Vermeer

I have extensive experience in guiding people in their careers. In addition, I have been a Director and Chairman at a variety of organizations and a trainer/researcher at (semi-)government, industrial corporations and healthcare organizations. Furthermore, I have my own agency and work from time to time at Rijnconsult in management assessment and development.
Josien Vermeer

My goal is to make people shine (again) by creating the right atmosphere, through caring understanding and a clear sharpness, focused on growth. I am empathetic and confrontational, analytical and synthesizing, intelligent and intuitive. I live and work from the belief that you are responsible for giving meaning to your life by discovering what you ought to do in your work: what you bring to the table and what you will execute on. I specialize in genius-level intelligence and personal meaning and effectiveness: I do and do not do whatever is needed.

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