E.L.H. (Egbert) Brons

Knowing what you want to accomplish and subsequently realizing this. That is my vocation, an approach that connects spirituality and professionalism. I started out in the international corporate world of business and subsequently build extensive experience through a multitude of organizations and my own ventures. I have now been active for more than 15 years as a coach and change manager.
Egbert Brons

Without connection there can be no coaching and no basis to facilitate change . Giving genuine attention to the person being coached forms the foundation for that connection to me. Naturally, I bring with me a considerable amount of life experience to my coaching programs. I can show which results I have accomplished and build a track record with numerous people and organizations.

Taking an integral view, we formulate together what you want to achieve. We determine the direction and the common thread and together we remain open to new developments. I ask questions and propose exercises that can lead to change. I recognize patterns or underlying views that influence your current behavior and identify those things that really matter. The solution often lies just below the surface. I share with you what I think and feel, I’m open and honest. What I offer is taking alternate paths and looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes to find answers and solutions.

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