drs. D.M.M. (Dinja) van Gestel

Seasoned professional, deepens, broadens, accelerates, clarifies. For over 25 years I have been coaching higher educated people and executives on issues pertaining to meaning and career. I am a philosophical pedagogue, specialized in people and work. I have had a career as an innovator in the job market, a consultant, researcher and writer. I have completed a thorough four-year coaching program, have been a manager of professionals and held managerial roles. The changing labor market and what this requires from people and organizations fascinates me tremendously.
Dinja van Gestel

With my years of experience in consulting, relationships with clients and (executive) clients and my participation in entrepreneurial networks; I have access to a wide variety of industries. I am also CMI-C certified.

I believe that every person wants to contribute in a meaningful way. A clear ambition to do the right things helps you to find your way in an optimal manner. This is what gives meaning to work and life.

Within Ede & Partners I am very involved in professionalization, methodology development and innovation. I am the Director of the Rotterdam and Breda offices.

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