drs. C.M.F. (Cora) van de Put - van Hooijdonk

A background in labor and organizational psychology, I have managerial experience as a consultant and manager in both the non-profit and for-profit sector. Counseling programs, change programs, leading teams and account management were my main focus areas. In 2004 I became an entrepreneur, specializing in conflict management and then joined Van Ede & Partners in 2007.
Cora van de Put

As a coach I am focused on connection and interaction. Both at Van Ede & Partners and in my own business, it is my mission to get people to make a move and use their strengths.

Areas in which I am active include career coaching, (labor) mediation, training mediators, InterVision support, training and providing workshops in the field of communication and conflict management, and the professionalization of groups.

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