Our new office, situated in the beautiful, authentic old house of law located at the Noordsingel is an inspirational environment for our clients from the Rijnmond area. Clients meet each other, enhance their network and together work on a new and improved future. At our Rotterdam office we offer, among other things, outplacement and career counseling. We carefully design our programs according to our clients’ individual desires.


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Noordsingel 117

3035 EM Rotterdam

T. 010 412 00 22



  • drs. D.M.M. (Dinja) van Gestel drs. D.M.M. (Dinja) van Gestel

Consultants & psychologists

  • mr. ing. J. (Jan) Brinkman mr. ing. J. (Jan) Brinkman
  • drs D.J.M. (Dominique) Campman drs D.J.M. (Dominique) Campman
  • mr. M.C.P. (Margreet) van Dongen mr. M.C.P. (Margreet) van Dongen
  • drs. D.M.M. (Dinja) van Gestel drs. D.M.M. (Dinja) van Gestel
  • drs. J.W. (Annemieke) Kodde drs. J.W. (Annemieke) Kodde
  • Drs. N. (Nicole) ter Meulen Drs. N. (Nicole) ter Meulen
  • drs. C. (Carla) Rietbergen - Jellema drs. C. (Carla) Rietbergen - Jellema
  • ir. J.D. (Jan Dirk) Smit ir. J.D. (Jan Dirk) Smit
  • drs. M. (Michel) Wysmans drs. M. (Michel) Wysmans

Office management

  • Petra Beerens Petra Beerens
  • Nel Vrijmoet Nel Vrijmoet


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