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Are you considering a career change or do you want or have to change the way you work? And, are you ready to make an in depth analysis of your talents and values? And also to do this in a thorough way, possibly including the active exploration of the labor market?

Van Ede & Partners offers various services such as outplacement, coaching, career counseling and workshops, all customized to your personal needs. These services are provided by high end psychologists, coaches and trainers, individually or in groups together with other participants.

Our aim is to guide and inspire you in finding or creating a work environment to which you can contribute with all your strengths, talents, knowledge and experience. You will obtain a fresh perspective and get renewed energy for your present and future career. What’s even more, Van Ede & Partners has a proven track record of sustainable results.

Networking plays a vital role in this journey, as well as in our present society in general. By hiring Van Ede & Partners you will gain access to its vast network.

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