drs. T (Tjeerd) van Bekkum

drs. T (Tjeerd) van Bekkum

Inspirator, out-of-the-box thinker, calm, energizes, expertise gained from experience, networker, soul coach, talent developer, sense of humor. My strengths and expertise lie in the (semi-) government sector and in the cultural sector. I use my experience to contribute to both the personal growth of individuals and to improve the dynamics and cooperation within teams of people.

After my studies in business administration, I’ve fulfilled political, administrative and civil service roles at a national, regional and local level. Partly because of this, I have developed a broad network and amassed extensive experience in the political arena / on the political stage, as well as in business and (semi-) government.

My Frisian roots have given me a no-nonsense attitude. Since 2015 I have developed myself spiritually in various ways. I discovered that there were also opportunities for me outside of politics and this led to starting my own company. In addition to being a career coach and crisis manager, I’m active in the cultural sector as a business leader and connector. I also work as a counselor at retreats which are about (re-)discovering the essence of your life. I gladly use my experience in my role as your career coach.

Where do you stand?

Do you want to get a quick impression of where you stand in your career and what are your wishes, ambitions and motivations with regard to work and a work environment? Van Ede & Partners has developed a simple test for you. The test contains 12 questions and takes a maximum of 4 minutes to fill out. You will receive the results immediately after doing the test. A percentage will indicate to what extend your needs match the way of working of Van Ede & Partners. 

Test: Where do you stand?