Tet Peters

From a coaching manager to a passionate coach. In short, this is the development I have gone through in the past 20 years. I wanted to transition from my role as PR and Communication Advisor into a managerial position, as I wanted to do things differently. Appreciating employees, respecting them and getting the best out of them. This brought me a great deal of satisfaction and excellent business results. Slowly it became clear that I wanted to dedicate myself full-time to the coaching of people with respect to their career. This I have been doing since 2002 at Van Ede & Partners.

I have always had an eye for whatever makes an organization tick; both on an organizational, as well as on a human level. Together with my clients I am looking to reach new heights and going in-depth, to identify the unconscious and the intuitive. What is it really about? A burn-out taught me you must be true to your essence. Once I steered away from this the way back taught me what truly matters to me, and what it feels like to reconnect with your essence. You could at that time easily describe me as the ugly duckling that was afraid to be a beautiful swan.

A methodology that has been of great help to me is the ‘Talent Game’ which I now utilize both individually as well as in groups, also at Van Ede & Partners. It helps to discover on a deep level; talents, life missions and conscious inner leadership. A logical continuation in my own development was learning the methodology of the Life Inspection. All of this is to inspire people and organizations.     

Tet Peters

Tet Peters

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Do you want to get a quick impression of where you stand in your career and what are your wishes, ambitions and motivations with regard to work and a work environment? Van Ede & Partners has developed a simple test for you. The test contains 12 questions and takes a maximum of 4 minutes to fill out. You will receive the results immediately after doing the test. A percentage will indicate to what extend your needs match the way of working of Van Ede & Partners. 

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