mr. S. (Sven) Gudde

mr. S. (Sven) Gudde

I gained work and life experience within international and Dutch organizations and my professional development has been shaped by both the private and the public sector. My clients are often confronted by dilemmas of a varying nature. I get energized by bringing clarity and finding solutions, based on mutual trust. My current clients are predominantly Senior Managers and Directors.

My style is characterized by an inquisitive, open attitude. By winning people’s trust, I can ask follow-up questions, be from time to time direct and a little confrontational. I want to understand what my client feels and thinks, also when something does not get explicitly pointed out but can be important for an improved future perspective. I draw inspiration from going in-depth and developing and planning next steps together with my clients.

I have experienced that taking a step back and creating distance is often a prerequisite for resuming things with renewed energy and for taking on new challenges. Creating space for identifying patterns, looking forward and backward, pondering a decision and showing courage, working and relaxing. A deeper understanding of these aspects of life is relevant for developing people’s strength.    

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