(Saskia) E. Visser

“Growth happens when you feel some discomfort” My expertise lies in advising people how to work happily and healthily, counseling and reintegration, career challenges, or in short, “remaining sustainably employable.” I do so from a medical background as a coach, organizational consultant and artist. The context of my work experience is very diverse, having worked with large corporations such as Shell and Aegon, to small and medium-sized companies, directors, scientists and sole proprietorships.

I like to look at the world from a different angle while paying attention to context, because every situation is different. Using questions rather than methods, I search for emotions and motives to make the invisible, visible. If you want to work in a satisfactory manner, it is also important to activate any latent capabilities. This type of growth requires courage, and often precedes a period which is uncomfortable or painful. I support you by offering you patience, expertise, enthusiasm and ideas. I also use my creative qualities to come up with new insights to your questions surrounding your development.

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(Saskia) E. Visser

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