drs. H.M.W. (Riky) Boom

drs. H.M.W. (Riky) Boom

Coaching, spirituality, attention, care, structure, director, supervisor As a coach, I look at a person in relation to their work and private life. I take people as they are, I am a good listener and have a well-structured working style.

Due to my years of experience as a Director and Supervisor, I know what is going on in the boardroom and what supervisors should to pay attention to.

I have also supervised complex organizational change processes which enables me to be very aware of the consequences these process changes can have on employees. I also understand what is important to managers, for instance embracing resistance, asking questions and generating feedback.

I have experience in healthcare and in government, as a Director and a Supervisor. I graduated in sociology and am educated in finance. Additionally, I have completed various coaching courses.

Modern art fascinates me, the Venice Biennale is a must for me. I am a wine connoisseur, and a wine lover. I would never skip a good wine tasting!

Where do you stand?

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