dr. R. (René) Richard

Life artist, authentic, playful, decent, lovingly confrontational, authentic, relaxed, a sense of humor, spontaneous. My passion is to guide and inspire people in their personal and professional development. In doing this I draw on psychological perspectives and my comprehensive life experiences. As a coach I know how to touch people in such a manner that makes them feel pleasantly confronted by themselves. In doing so I use playful exercises, role plays and homework assignments. The result is that clients can tap into their inner-strength, move forward and get ahead in their life journey.

As a trainer I teach people to bring their communication skills to the next level and with this enhance the way they present themselves. I am a specialist in teaching people to deal with stress, their emotions and aggression.

After gaining my engineering degree, I graduated in 1987 as a psychologist from the University of Amsterdam. In 1993 I received my PhD in psychology. Since 1997 I have been working as a trainer, coach and career counselor.

I am a father of my two beautiful and now grown up daughters and partner of my beloved Inge Nirvana. Every few years I travel for an extended period, usually to Asia where my heart lies and more specifically in the Himalayas.

Rene Richard

dr. R. (René) Richard

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