drs. R.D. (Reinhard) Wolff

Resilience, self-confidence, perspective, alignment and destination, that is what I am all about. I have faith in my “Fingerspitzengefühl” and work with patience, attention, compassion and a healthy sense of humor, including self-depreciation. I work from visualizations, stories, song, movement and poems.

I am a psychologist and career advisor. I help people with their life and career choices and their personal and professional development. I also offer training sessions and advise in self-management and communication. In addition, I am a humorous author and speaker at Dutch/German affairs.

If I had to give myself a metaphor I would be a beautician and a court jester. I bring out the best in people with a good dose of humor. People feel hesitant to show their true nature and unique, personal strengths. At this point I cannot resist drawing someone out with humor and being lovingly confrontational, to make them visible and enthusiastic.   

Reinhard Wolff

drs. R.D. (Reinhard) Wolff

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Where do you stand?

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