drs. L. (Leo) Zwart

Improving the effectiveness of both individuals and organizations has been an important part of my career for the last 25 years. With great enthusiasm I guide, in the capacity of trainer, coach and psychologist, managers and employees at for-profit- and non-profit organizations. As a psychologist and career coach I help clients become aware of their motivators, wishes and desires, while stimulating them to utilize their talents.

I am a psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in setting up and managing change projects in educational organizations (primary and secondary education).

I am experienced in conflict resolutions, mergers and offering workshops on leadership and communication. Additionally, I am a seasoned coach of Directors, Managers, staff and teachers at for-profit and non-profit organizations. As a coach I am also focused on identifying talents and strengthening a person’s self-confidence, as well as behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs.

I help clients to formulate learning targets and points of focus within the context of their personal development. I also support my clients in finding the right balance to prevent work stress. Since 1990 I have worked at Van Ede & Partners as a psychologist, trainer and consultant.

Leo Zwart

drs. L. (Leo) Zwart

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