ir. J.D. (Jan Dirk) Smit

Generalist, Experienced Supervisor, Strategic planner, Clarifying cause & effect, Out-of-the-box thinker, Networker, Maritime, Visualizing (Photography). As a coach I am looking for your talents. To enable you to be free from your daily worries and help you define clear goals to help you focus. To then, look for a suitable future together, even if this might sometimes “be different.” And then to realize this future, as if you only live once.

I have a significant part of my career behind me, but my interests are as strong as ever. These interests however, have shifted: while my career started in technical and operational roles, primarily in the maritime sector, my focus for the past 10 years have been in HRM. I have taken on a variety of professional roles, varying from project manager, marketeer, strategic planner, entrepreneur, director, headhunter and at this very moment coach. In parallel I take part in several social (administrative) positions such as the KNRM, the VNO-NCW, the KRZV De Maas and the VVD, memberships of supervisory boards or supervisory directors, and I am a chairman of various organizations, such as the trade association HISWA.

I am increasingly looking for what truly matters in what I do or what I am faced with. What is really happening and what is only on the surface, the appearance? How can we reach a connection that strengthens us together? Finding the right balance between observing and participating.

I studied at the Delft University of Technology, graduating in Shipbuilding & Business Administration.

Motto: "You see whatever you know"

Jan Dirk Smit

ir. J.D. (Jan Dirk) Smit

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