drs (Msc) E.V. ( Elise) van Doorne

drs (Msc) E.V. ( Elise) van Doorne

Leadership courses; International experience; Team interventions; Multinationals and the Medical sector; Warm welcome; Sensitive and analytical; Careful and playful. As an experienced facilitator and management coach I am associated with (international) leadership courses and I am fascinated by transitions between people and developing organizations. I invite you to “take a look inside,” right where things get exciting. This is where we can boil things down to their essence and achieve the growth we desire.

“Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to see yourself clearly.”

I grew up in various countries and cultures and have throughout this experience developed my talents; for example, my sensitivity to feel what is “really going on” and to effectively connect with all layers of an organization. Based on my paramedical background and the various roles as a Labor & Organizational Psychologist (development partner, teacher, (team) coach) I give shape to “Applied Leadership” and “resilience” training programs for (international) corporations and business schools. Through the intensive counseling of senior management and their teams, I have over 17 years of experience with management dilemmas, team interventions and InterVision (peer review).

In my approach the development of self-consciousness is key. I invite you to recognize who you are, with all your talents, values, beliefs, pitfalls and patterns. In our interactions I mirror what I observe, including any blind spots. You can count on my undivided attention and care. I offer safety, I am firm but also playful. In this way, we identify the essence together, enabling us to freely choose a next step which fits your search and individuality. 

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