drs. C. (Carla) Rietbergen - Jellema

drs. C. (Carla) Rietbergen - Jellema

Results-orientated, sensitive, creatively confrontational, being in the here and now, always on point on non-verbal communication, practical and attention to what is hidden beneath the surface. I believe that growth comes from a foundation of strength, motivation and talents. Growth begins once I generate contact from the heart. In my experience, the combination of genuine interest, professionalism, a focus on results and spirituality aids the process to work.

What motivates me?  With dialogue, armed with a sense of humor and through creative paths we achieve results together, while not avoiding confrontation in my pursuit to gain clarity!

I have 25 years of experience in a variety of managerial roles in sales, marketing and HR, especially within larger organizations (> 500 employees) in the financial sector.

I am sensitive and results oriented and have a background as an historian.

I have combined my corporate career with entrepreneurship to now focus 100% on entrepreneurship.

As a young woman in my 50s I believe in the need to strike the balance between career and family. In life I seek out meaningful connections and live by the idea that people should be whoever they truly are and embrace their uniqueness.

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