drs. (Ada) M. Jongkamp

I am a business economist and worked for years as an account manager and manager at an insurance firm. In my early 30’s I felt reinventing myself as a business coach would be logical but at the same time I had my doubts. Would I dare to do this? Could I actually do this? However, the urge remained strong and subsequently I became an expert in making choices. Now I support others in this.

Everybody has their own path to follow in life and this is my starting point. I love to walk along with them for a little while to ensure that people can find their way.

I get intensively involved but at the same time maintain an appropriate distance. I am obsessed with and inspired by organizational change and the change and growth people go through. The uncertainty that comes with this is all too familiar to me. Throughout this uncertainty I have observed that people bring out unexpected qualities in themselves. I gladly help them making the most of this.

It requires trust in me, as a coach, to be willing to work together to research and tackle this. I have some sharp edges and give space to the things of value that arise, and have meaning. A colleague once called me a “friendly circular saw.”

I have accomplished a lot with people who drew on just a limited number of the capabilities at their disposal. Something like that can easily occur. However, human beings are versatile by nature and tapping the unknown parts of our person can be helpful in accomplishing a positive transformation.

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drs. (Ada) M. Jongkamp

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